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Rontell & Cyndi

Your Guide To Effective POWER LIFTING

Not to be confused with bodybuilding, strength training is the pursuit of attaining as much strength as possible. Strength training isn't pretty, but it is practical and hardcore. At Liteweights Personal Training we'll train you in everything from proper form and goal setting, to optimizing your nutrition for raw strength.

The Plan

There is a special program designed only for your specific needs


Increase your maximum lift across the board. We're going to take you to the edge

Trim Body Fat

Get ripped by keeping your body weight down while increasing your muscle mass


Learn how to eat for maximum gains in record time. We're certified in nutritional performance


Whos This Program For

Our strength training program is for adults looking to educate themselves in the art of power lifting. This program is intense and requires a commitment to taking your body into previously uncharted territory. If you're an athlete in a sport like football, our program will help you stabilize yourself and tackle like a pro.

Our Three Step Approach For Success

This is our plan for maximizing results


Increase Maximum Power

Learn how to properly lift the maximum amount of weight your body can take. You will understand and learn basic form of the main three power lifts. We make sure you're upping your weight every microcycle.

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Reduce Body Fat

Trim fat while gaining muscle with our training. Dropping weight too fast can result in lost gains, we'll help you stay within the recommended guidelines for trimming, all while making sure your muscle weight increases.

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Modify Diet For Gains

Strength training combined with a proper diet is a recipe for success. We will teach you about caloric intake and how to take your of your body specifically for muscle growth.

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