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Group Class

Make Friends While Working Out

Workout with people who have similar goals in a group setting. Group workouts can be motivating, encouraging, and a way to meet new friends. Group Training provides not only a higher level of accountability, but it can be also more economical way to get in shape.


Increased sociability: Working out with other people leads to friendships which are important for mental health.


More Accountability: Working out with friends increases your chances of sticking to your exercise routine, your less likely to skip workouts when you have to meet others.


Saves Money: Training with friends in a group is less expensive than one on one training. If your able to put a group of friends together or join a group you can save money and train more.


Group Training For All Fitness LEvels

Our group workouts are designed for every fitness level. At least two Fitness Professionals are present during each session. Every workout is different, challenging your full body workouts for weight loss, building strength and endurance. We utilize kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight exercises, resistance bands, jump ropes, barbells, bosu trainers, and medicine balls. These training tools are what we use to cover every aspect of total fitness.

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The benefits you will see while training with us

Group Training Benefits

Cardiovascular Improvement
Reduce Body Fat and Lose Weight
Increased Strength and Stamania
More overall energy
Better Mobility

Training Made Affordable

Certified Trainers

Our group training programs are a fun way to get into shape and meet new friends. Get ready to fall in love with fitness after your free training session!


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"Lite Weights is just an amazing place! It’s been a place a transformation for me personally! Rontell and Cyndi have been encouraging coaches!"

E. Kellar

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