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The key to a successful and healthy recovery is proper exercise


A Step By Step Plan

Every successful recovery begins with safe and effective workouts


Re-build Muscle: Time off from exercise after an injury or surgery can cause muscles to waste away. Continuing a strength training program will help recover lost muscle mass.


Recharge Metabolism: Strength training requires a constant supply of glucose and proteins. Without a healthy metabolism the body can’t access and utilize nutrients needed to heal itself.


Restore Bone Strength and Density: Some medical situations confine individuals to a bed for extended periods. Such sedentary lifestyles lead to muscle loss associated with loss of bone density. Strength training programs provide individuals with the chance to recover bone density through muscular regeneration.


Improve Mental Health: Some people recovering from an injury or surgery often experience anxiety, or depression. Many studies have shown that exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and overall health have been shown to have a positive impact on mental health.


We have the knowledge to help you successfully recover

After Orthopedic procedures your physical therapist will help develop an exercise plan tailored to your specific rehabilitation needs. Most physical therapist recommend that you exercise for 25-35 minutes or 3 to 4 days per week, all depending on the individuals specific needs. It is important to complete the rehab plan laid out for you or you may experience,prolonged pain, stiffness, swelling, and lead to issues in other parts of your body.

Our Fitness Training Professionals are here to help you execute the plan prescribed by your physical therapist in a safe, effective manner. Our staff has worked with individuals recovering from a wide range of orthopedic procedures including, knee and hip replacement, rotator cuff surgery, and back surgery.

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The most important thing in life is your well-being. Come in for a session and see how we can keep you on the path to a successful recovery!


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"I’ve been working with LiteWeights for 7 years. That in itself is notable for an inveterate couch potato now midway between his 84th and 85th birthdays. Rontell and Cyndi have created an atmosphere that keeps me coming back (twice weekly) helping me cope with the symptoms of coronary artery disease and Parkinson’s disease. They know so many ways to work a muscle group that you’ll never find a workout dull."

D. Douglas

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